I have eventually found the perfect place to work: My home!

Now that I have tried I can say that working from home is ideal. But, I am not a housewife, not as yet. I just carry on my usual job from a different workplace. I am technically a telecommuter.
However, every time working from home is mentioned people look at me and say “Ahh…easy!”.
Yes, it is easy because I do not have to commute every morning, and this removes a considerable amount of stress. On the other hand there is more pressured to achieve good results because you are empowered with the trust of the management. Continua a leggere “I have eventually found the perfect place to work: My home!”


Don’t SPAM my Lin​k​edIn Inbox: Please!

Hello YourName,

Thank you for connecting with me.

I have a product which can boost the sales of your company. It has been tested by 100 company partners and all ​have ​receive significant benefits. I am happy to offer a free trial for you and support you during the installation. Please take a look at the website…. Bla bla bla

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honesty in business - Pinocchio

Say It Loud: Be Proud of Your Downsides. Honesty in Business.

Did you know that you should be proud of your downfalls? Let’s start with a hilarious story about honesty in business.

When the Maggiolino car was advertised in America for the first time, it was a bit of a shock. Not only was it considerably different than the fashionable cars at that time, but the advertising campaign used was absolutely disruptive. Continua a leggere “Say It Loud: Be Proud of Your Downsides. Honesty in Business.”

Bella italia - Bandini francesca

“Bella Italia” is More Than Just a Well-Done Pizza

In my opinion, Italian food is the best in the world, and Italy is easily one of the most beautiful countries in the world. But Italy is so much more than just that. Now, you can try to argue against these statements, but you know it’s true. First of all, Italy is CULTURE which derives from history, art, traditions, excellence, internal differences and so on. … Continua a leggere “Bella Italia” is More Than Just a Well-Done Pizza

Hidden Desires

What Customers Want: Unlocking the Hidden Desires

What are hidden desires? Digital marketing and offline marketing is all about what current or potential customers want; this also includes what they do not know they want (their desires). There is no point in trying to sell something that people do not desire. For example, selling ice creams in the North Pole would probably not make for a profitable business. In fact, the official … Continua a leggere What Customers Want: Unlocking the Hidden Desires

Epic question: Why Social Media for Business?

Social media is the trend of the last years, and despite the negative predictions which foresee the soon disappearance of these sites, their presence continues to grow in our everyday life… Social media is also important for companies, but why social media for business? Furthermore, what should be the rationale behind the adoption of a social media marketing (SMM) strategy? For instance, using social media only because it is fashionable is not a good reason.
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