Why I want to work at Gucci…

Why I want to work at Gucci…

I work at Gucci. I work at Gucci. I work at Gucci.

I was repeating this sentence to myself outloud while staring at the Gucci shop window in front of the dome of Florence. 

What are you doing, Francesca? My friend Lisa was just passing with her bike and saw me contemplating the shop.Are you OK?

work at Gucci

Ohh,CIAO! Sorry,” This was a very embarrassing moment for me. “I was just trying to use the power of visualization and positive thinking to get a job at Gucci.

I don’t think that is going to work since the selection procedure is tough and you know…with the crisis. Also, big companies only offer employment for internships and you are still young!

Is being young a negative thing?

Apparently, for my friend Lisa being young is equal to cheap labour in Italy. Well, it does not matter. I still have my dream of working at Gucci.

Why work at Gucci?

For me it would be particularly meaningful to get a job in a company like Gucci or other international brands of Italian origin.

  • Demonstration of a dream and the entrepreneurial Italian intellect: I remember my professor at University who spoke about the Italian intellect and the innate creativity of Italians. Something which seems lost nowadays owing to the burden of the crisis.

work at Gucci

  • Witness to the power of the cultural exchange: Guccio Gucci, the founder, took inspiration for its product from an English nobleman he met during his visit to London.

  • Quality of the products and all the process around. I would be proud of being part of the quality of the company.

  • Italianity: I know Gucci is no longer Italian, ownership wise, but it is Italian in its core value. Being Italian myself, I would be proud of enhancing Italian traditions.

work at Gucci

  • Career progression: Gucci is multi-national, so the space for career advancement is wide.

  • Wonderful environment: Have you read the reviews of the previous employees at Gucci? Well, all positive! It seems like a very nice company to work for.work at Gucci

  • Luxury sector: I have always been fascinated by the luxury industry and its contradictions. Luxury conveys dreams more than objects.

I hope to work at Gucci one day and, more than that, I hope that Italian companies give more opportunities to young Italians to express their intellect and pursue creative and brilliant ideas.

Image source: Gucci Museum


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