Don’t SPAM my Lin​k​edIn Inbox: Please!

Don’t SPAM my Lin​k​edIn Inbox: Please!

Hello YourName,

Thank you for connecting with me.

I have a product which can boost the sales of your company. It has been tested by 100 company partners and all ​have ​receive significant benefits. I am happy to offer a free trial for you and support you during the installation. Please take a look at the website…. Bla bla bla

Have you ever received this kind of messages on LinkedIn? Oh​,​ ​well, I would classify them as a form of SPAM. My surprise derives from the fact that this spam technique is used by reputable business professionals who ​shows ​proudly​ show​ their names, faces​,​ and career experiences.

spam linkedin

I do not believe ​that ​they perceive this as an innocent technique to promote their business activities…So​,​ why? The instinctive reaction to this typology of communication is closing your brain and do not absorb any notion. You feel ​violated​​: You have been asked to connect purely to sell​​?

spam Linkedin

I can accept this ​methodology​​ by naive business owners who enjoy using Facebook to tag people​’s​ faces on random posts, but I cannot forgive professionals who use Linkedin and​, therefore​,​ ​they ​are presumably high tech.

Spam messages on Linkedin: Do they work?

Spam linkedinI am wondering if those spam messages do not work​ because​, I am sure​ they ​sure ​do not work with me! I love LinkedIn​​,​ I believe it is a great opportunity for everyone to grow ​their​​ network​ing​, finding​ business partners, new jobs​,​ or clients, but I really feel it is unfair to use those spam methods in this platform.



I am waiting for your answers. Curious to know your thoughts and the reaction to those messages.


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