Cost-effective solution: Welcome to the real fantastic world of digital marketing

Cost-effective solution: Welcome to the real fantastic world of digital marketing

Digital marketing is a fascinating discipline wherein with easy to use tools,  good planning, and no money you can reach out to millions of prospects because in this day and age everyone is online.

Therefore, if you are looking for a cost-effective solution for increasing leads why don’t you set up a Facebook page or, better yet, why don’t you start blogging?

Those are the typical sentences you will find in a prospect grabbing blog or marketing post, but not here…So, let’s start over.


Everyone is online which means almost any company is online and that in turn means many people get bombarded with unwanted ads. This is the truth, whereas you used to think that digital marketing consists of a real fantastic world.

Please note, real fantastic is a wanted pun. There are no cost-effective solutions for your business if you do not stick to reality first.

A digital and cost-effective solution might be a waste of time

Cost-effective solutions exist and digital marketing can provide really good ones.

However, if your company is experiencing other problems you cannot expect digital marketing to result in miracles. Don’t fall into the trap.

Examine the reality of your business and take action. DO not hide your problems behind the myth of digitalization.

This is not a critique to the digital marketing strategy, but to the attitude of some businessmen. Digital marketing is not the cure to business deficiency.

Be aware that numbers also lie, so do not rely on statistics about your website to measure up your success!

Alternatively, you can continue to pursue a fictitious digital marketing strategy. The strategy will be parallel to the reality of your company and it will showcase a very successful company on paper, but a very unsuccessful one in results.

A digital marketer can help you promote your business, but they cannot do miracles with structural problems within your organization. Poor results in business cannot be attributed to your digital marketing strategy.

Breaking into the reality: What numbers do not reveal

Digital marketers can be disconnected from reality at times because the day-to-day routine that they know from the company is different from the routine of another person who sees customers.

How digital marketers measure success: The measurement of success can be in engagement, number of visitors, interaction, online sales, and so on but it is also due to the personal interpretation of this data, which must be examined realistically.

What might a digital marketer overlook?

They often do not know anything about the satisfaction of customers and for this reason projects parallel a strategy which cannot be effective to solve the actual problem of the company.

So, before hiring a digital marketer to solve your internal problems and optimize your process realize that without a good business structure the digital marketing strategy cannot be as effective as it could be.

First step? Listen to your customers. Be careful. Focus on negative feedback.

Don’t be scared. Embrace criticism and develop your company.


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