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Sei uno schiavo? Liberati dal principio di autorità

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La tua risposta d’impatto sarà sicuramente ‘NO’ e chi al giorno d’oggi si sente uno schiavo? Siamo tutti liberi di amare chi vogliamo, di dire ciò che crediamo e di andare ove desideriamo. Ma sei proprio certo che il principio di autorità non stia influenzando la tua razionalità?

Back to the Origins: Ecco perché voglio scrivere per voi!

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Southampton (U.K.), 29.09.2015

Con la coda tra le gambe torno alle mie Origini italiane e comincio a scrivere di nuovo in Italiano nel mio blog…

Dopo il breve intermezzo di post inglesi, ho capito che ho fatto un grave errore di valutazione.

Ho creduto di poter trasferire un blog pensato per l’Italia in un altro Paese, forzandolo ad una lingua che non è la mia.

Oltre all’errore di valutazione ho snaturato lo stesso obiettivo del blog, che era quello di ispirare, creare un nuovo marketing rispettoso dell’eticità e perché no, trovare nuove opportunità di networking e lavorative.

Così, io me ne resto in Inghilterra ancora per un po’, ma da oggi Delizie di Marketing torna a deliziare, si spera, il pubblico Italiano.

Ogni settimana un post nuovo ricco di spunti per le vostre campagne di marketing, le vostre menti e le vostre giornate. Il prossimo post parlerà di Bellezza e Marketing: due potenti armi insieme….

honesty in business - Pinocchio

Say It Loud: Be Proud of Your Downsides. Honesty in Business.


Did you know that you should be proud of your downfalls? Let’s start with a hilarious story about honesty in business.

When the Maggiolino car was advertised in America for the first time, it was a bit of a shock. Not only was it considerably different than the fashionable cars at that time, but the advertising campaign used was absolutely disruptive.

Bella italia - Bandini francesca

“Bella Italia” is More Than Just a Well-Done Pizza


In my opinion, Italian food is the best in the world, and Italy is easily one of the most beautiful countries in the world. But Italy is so much more than just that. Now, you can try to argue against these statements, but you know it’s true.

First of all, Italy is CULTURE which derives from history, art, traditions, excellence, internal differences and so on.

Bella italia - Bandini francesca

So please, let’s stop defining Italy as just a beautiful country where you can have a good, hearty meal: You are missing a lot.

The Crisis is Still on at Bella Italia

Unfortunately, Italy is still affected by a terrible crisis. Since 2008, Italy’s economy has been gradually declining. Families have been struggling to pay their bills, and young people, like myself, have never known Italy without the crisis. This word is heard everywhere…

Italy would be a very strong economic country in principle. Italy is number one in many areas: The amount and the quality of works of art, architecture, churches, the production of genuine leather, fashion (thanks to Milan), food (of course, their famous dishes: pizza and pasta), Prosecco (which I still prefer to Champagne), and the list goes on…

Bella italia - Bandini francesca

Another important aspect of Italy is that it is the home of many inventive, notable people. We are a country of artists. I do not know what inspires us; perhaps it is the picturesque landscapes or the numerous works of art… But there is the genius inside Italians, that it is why there are many and many artisans who love to express themselves through arts and crafts.

This crisis is affecting so much more than just Italy’s economy, it is affecting our creativity as well. Creative people are losing their minds trying to achieve something that seems very far, and increasing taxation and bureaucracy are to blame.

Bella italia - Bandini francesca

The only thing left in their eyes is hope. I know many of them. There’s a silent desperation in their eyes which tell a story of sorrow and suffering, as well as betrayal by a country which once made them proud of their nationality.

The Bright Side of the Crisis

The crisis will hopefully be regarded by foreigners as a way to help the country and to make great deals at the same time. This really is the ideal time to invest in such a premium place, especially in real estate where the bargain is just around the corner. For instance, there are many beautiful villas in dreamy locations all over Italy for very little money.

I welcome and strongly encourage all the foreigners who love Italy as much as I do to invest in this amazing place.

Bella italia - Bandini francesca

How is it possible that such a wonderful country is experiencing such a devastating crisis? I do not want to fall in the usual cliché of blaming the political classes, I just want to launch a cry for help.

Please, help save Italy. Whether you are Italian or not, you can help Italy grow back to its original and antique beauty.


At the moment I am promoting the sale of this wonderful VILLA (farm house) in Tuscany. If you are interested, just contact me.